CITB Grants for 2015/16 has full details of the range of grants available to CITB inscope registered companies. Access more details here.

Through the Training Group Initiative Scheme, £25,000 will again be available for each Training Group from the 1st January to 31st December 2016.

Training Groups have been invited to identify their members training needs and organise relevant courses which will be reimbursed by CITB. In general, any training which is grant aided through the CITB Training and Development Plan will be eligible. (Terms and conditions do apply.)

These funds have been available to our group since 2013. Over 75% of members benefitted from the subsidised training we were able to facilitate, both in house and company specific with a wide variety of courses being undertaken, including specialist equipment training, contractual training and womens' skills training.

 If you are interested in becoming a member of North Yorkshire Construction Training Group to take advantage of this and the other benefits offered by our group, enquire now!

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CITB Flexible Funding is available as follows:

 Companies with Under 50 employees:

  • Can apply for skills and training grant
  • 1 stage application
  • 1 successful bid per employer per year
  • Up to £5,000 fund
  • Paid out upfront


Successful examples from our training group members include qualifying (upskilling) the workforce through OSAT (on site assessment and training) and specialist training for the workforce (additional skills that benefit the business).  

I also believe it worthwhile looking at the criteria of improving access to the right training to enable companies to source training to meet their skills needs. These skills could potentially also be the ‘softer’ skills that may be needed in your business to enable it to progress, for example, management training, procedural training, a more bespoke option for your company.  

Funds open to all, with a project duration of up to 18 months – minimum application £5,000: 

  • 2 stage application
  • Requires a 30% contribution (does not have to be cash, could be in kind)
  • For innovation, pilots and prototypes and enhanced incentives
  • These funds appear to be much more wide reaching in their potential use and include the following eligible activities:
    • Development of construction skills and training resources, including developing people, improving organisation capability and producing training materials for new aspects of skills development and training
    • New ways of delivering or funding construction training and skills development
    • Upskilling and multiskilling programmes
    • Outreach into education establishments and communities
    • Pre-apprenticeship programmes
    • Scholarships
    • Marketing of careers in the wider industry
    • Conversion training for people looking to change careers or enhance their existing qualifications to make them more industry relevant
    • Behavioural change training programmes
    • Innovative training methods (training in innovative tools, techniques and materials and training and skills required for working across other industries)
    • Pilots and prototypes for new ideas or ideas being adapted from other sectors and industries
    • To increase the rate of training and achievement of qualifications needed to address predicted or sudden skills shortages - Examples include incentives for completing training, apprenticeships and qualifications, as well as corporate incentives or achievements.
  • Projects must meet at least one of the following aims:
    • Reduce skills gaps
    • Increase access to the right training
    • Reduce skills shortages
    • Increase the appeal of working in construction
    • Increase in training expenditure, or increase in value added per employee.


These funds and the structured fund are also available to the training group and/or groups of employers and so I shall be really interested to hear of ideas that members may have for a joint application.

Unfortunately, CITB staff are unable to assist with these applications, however, I will be pleased to assist where possible. Do let me know!

There is also a structured fund available to bid for, the window for this not closing until 5 April 2016. This fund looks at longer term projects (18 months to 5 years) with a project value of up to £3m. Applications can be from a group of employers or a training group and the intended use of the fund are as follows: 

  • Training and skills resources, including equipment and materials to support training activities
  • Support to establish training provision
  • New methods of delivering training
  • Behavioural change programmes.
  • To increase the rate of training and achievement of qualifications needed to address predicted or sudden skills shortages
  • Examples include incentives for completing training, apprenticeships and qualifications, as well as corporate incentives or achievements.


Let me know if you have any ideas for a long term project that we could look at together. 

Applications for these funds are only available during specific windows and these are as follows:

  • Flexible Fund:  
    19 April - 16 May
    19 July - 15 August
    18 October - 14 November
  • Structured Fund:  
    19 July - 15 August


More details can be found here.

Leeds City Region

Leeds City Region also have a skiils and training fund open to SME companies based in the Leeds City Region, which will fund up to 50% of your training costs.

More details can be found here.